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TOWN HALL is where we post

your real-life stories.


Beyond the screen, beyond the news, acts of civility and incivility are taking place all around us

every day.

How has this played out in your world?

How have you witnessed or experienced face to face civility

or hostile incivility

in your life?


If you tried being civil to someone and it backfired, what happened?

Did you bring civility and respect to the table and it improved the situation?


Was someone unexpectedly civil to you?


Make a video or write it down.


Post your story on our Facebook Page.


Work hard on it.

Alot of people are going to see it.

This site is growing daily and as soon as we are ready we wil begin posting your stories.


Once we receive it via Facebook, we will carefully review your piece and if it's a good fit, we'll post it. We don't have alot of room here, so please understand we aren't able to post everything. But if we select your story we'll let you know! Thank you.

Send your submission.

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