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THISLANDIA is about bringing people together.

It's about reaching across

the aisles of our intolerance.

It's about remembering to

be respectful to eachother.


It's like an App for our decency.

It's a plug-in for our hearts.


It's about saying, "yes, we are different,

but we can still get along."

We don't have to agree.

We can agree to disagree.

We can listen to eachother.


We can reach beyond our own self-interest,

to respect other points of view.


We need to find a way

to accept our differences,

and work together

to improve everyone's lives.

Freedom comes with a price: Civility.

Without civil, respectful interaction,

our democracy falls apart.

With it, we are stronger,

better and happier.

The moment we start hating folks

unlike ourselves, we all lose our freedom.



we are all free to speak our mind.

But when we hate, mock and troll,

we break the bond of trust

which binds our democracy.

When we hate we undermine

the very foundation of our freedom.


THISLANDIA is non-partisan.

We are not affiliated with anything,

other than the concept of

living with respect for our differences.

It is all of us. Right now.

We're just getting started. Stay tuned.

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